Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mendu Vadas with Chilli, Apple and Mint Chutney

Whilst I was in India last year I sampled some outstanding food. Moreish snacks are my favourite Indian food and every region in India has their specialities. 

Despite travelling in mainly Northern/ middle India, it was probably Southern Indian food that I ate the most. Who can resist a hot crispy dosa? Definitely not I!

But it's not only dosa the South Indian cuisine is famed for. If you haven't tried mendu vadas yet, this is your chance! It is as simple a dish as dosa but much easier to make as home. (If you have ever tried to make a dosa as thin and crispy as you can get in restaurants, then you'll know that making dosa at home is never as satisfying as eating it out!)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Roasted Tomatoes

The sun has most definitely had his hat on these past few days. And so has everyone else it seems! Chirpy, smiley faces are most welcome after the abysmal wet weather in February. 

Eating al fresco, stopping for a quick drink and going for walks in the park. It's all been happening this week. 

As a result my recipe this week has got summer written all over it: Roasted Tomatoes.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Panko Halloumi Sticks with Caramelised Oranges and Mint

I am a see-it-want-to-eat-it kind of gal.

I am 100% guilty of spotting someone eating a packet of Thai green curry flavoured rice crackers as they stroll out of M&S and consequentially taking an impromptu detour to M&S - immediately.

True story (and there are many more where that came from!). How can you not be intrigued by green coloured crackers?

This see-it-want-to-eat-it attitude is not the healthiest when combined with Instagram. I’m surprised I haven’t drooled all over my phone yet.

Instagram is ridiculous. Gawking at well presented, tasty looking food is one thing. But gawking at well presented, tasty looking food through a filtered lens is torture. Pure torture!

Search “#food” and you’ll see what I mean.

Having said that. I am guilty of adding to this torture.

My entire Instagram is littered with “#food”.