Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Delicious Doughnuts

OK, I have to admit this recipe is not strictly my own. But that's because making doughnuts is a bit like baking; that is to say you have to get the measurements right. Having said that, I did replace fresh yeast with quick action dried yeast (I mean, who can honestly be bothered to source fresh yeast. If any one has seen it readily available in their local supermarket or deli please let me know!). Other than that I stuck to good old Gordon Ramsay's recipe which can be found here.  

(If you too cannot get hold of fresh yeast and want to try this recipe, I found out (thanks to google) that you need a third of the amount of dried yeast to fresh yeast. So in this case, 5g of dried yeast instead of 15g of fresh yeast.)

All in all following this recipe was pretty simple. The only thing is, it does take a bit of time, what with the dough needing to prove, twice. But this is a great recipe to try on a lazy Sunday afternoon or when you have some time on your hands.
I squeezed in a long Sunday lunch with the first hour and half proving time. And roped my brother in to help in the second, half hour proving. It wasn't hard to persuade him with the scent of deeply chocolaty ganache wafting through the house. In fact the ganache was so good (and was also proving a little tricky to insert far enough into the cooked doughnut) that we made at least three insertions of chocolate into each doughnut!

In his recipe, master Ramsay calls for 170°C oil. Of course, I have no idea exactly how hot my oil was when frying. I may be a kitchen enthusiast but have yet to acquire all the chefs gadgets and gizmos, and hence do not own a cooking thermometer. However, I did find that keeping the gas on a very low setting (BUT not quite the lowest) ensured full and even cooking. I cooked them a little longer than the suggested 3 to 4 minutes to obtain the soft, fluffy interior that characterises a doughnut. 

One other slight change I made to the recipe was the omission of malt powder. Instead, I switched the malt powder for cinnamon. This recipe is very versatile in that you can be creative with the filling. I will certainly be trying it again; perhaps with a lemon curd filling or sweetened apple puree, jam or even just plain simple doughnuts. A very adaptable treat for a sweet occasion, and my god are they delicious!

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